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About GU Politics

The McCourt School launched the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service with a simple mission – to help prepare more young people to go into public service.

We’ve worked to achieve this through four main goals: 

  1. Pulling back the curtain on the political process, primarily by giving students access to top practitioners
  2. Helping students figure out their own path to careers in public service through mentorship and skills-building
  3. Facilitating conversations between practitioners and students where they can share with each other ideas on how to improve the process
  4. Fostering opportunities and skills to pop filter bubbles in order to promote better understanding and less toxicity in the political dialogue


We were pretty sure there would be interest. But even we were overwhelmed by how quickly GU Politics became part of the fabric of the university.


Here are just a few data points to show our impact from our first five years on campus:

  • We’ve hosted nearly 500 of the top names in politics, journalism and government as speakers;
  • We’ve had 56 leaders from politics and journalism join our community as GU Politics Fellows;
  • Engaged more than 160,000 attendees at our virtual and in-person Forum events;
  • More than 350 student leaders have helped shape GU Politics programs and initiatives;
  • Almost 400 students were matched with mentors through the GU Politics mentorship program;
  • 50 students had the behind-the-scenes access through trips to party conventions, caucuses, national and international elections, and more;
  • 610 students received insider access during employer site visits to leading political offices and organizations in Washington, DC;
  • And we’ve seen a 143% increase in voter participation among eligible Georgetown students during the two elections since we launched GU Votes, our student-run voting initiative.


We’ve helped foster a sense of political and civic community on campus, established ourselves as a hub of thoughtful political discourse for the entire Washington community, and have emerged as one of the premier institutes of its kind in the nation.

Our students come from all of Georgetown’s undergraduate and graduate schools, from diverse backgrounds, from communities all over the world, and from all points on the partisan and ideological spectrum – but they’re united in a desire to get involved in the process and make it better.


Do you want to be a part of this vibrant community of problem solvers and changemakers? Discover how you can become a part of the GU Politics story.