Weekly discussion groups are one of the cornerstones of the Fellows Program. Over the course of eight weeks, each Fellow will lead a weekly 90-minute discussion with students on a current political topic. No required readings. No papers. Just lively discussions open to the entire university community.

The Fellows bring their unique perspective. All we ask is that you bring yours!

Discussion Groups for the Spring 2024 Fellows are now finished. Discussion groups will begin once the new class of Fellows is announced in the fall. If you’d like to add Discussion Groups to your calendar, please click here.

Dan Lamothe Anchor

Dan Lamothe

War and Politics

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Laura Barrón-López Anchor

Laura Barrón-López

The 2024 Story: Threats to Democracy

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Deanne Millison Anchor

Deanne Millison

Corporations as Advocates: The Role Corporations Play in Advancing Social Issues

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Machalagh Carr Anchor

Machalagh Carr

What’s the Constitution Got to Do With it? Law and Politics in the Modern Era.

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Val Demings Anchor

Val Demings

Leadership and Politics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Marc Short Anchor

Marc Short

Not Your Parents’ Parties: Political Party Realignment in the Modern Era


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