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‘A Question of Respect’ with Ed Goeas, Celinda Lake and Mo Elleithee

On Tuesday, November 29, Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake’s new book, ‘A Question of Respect,’ with a foreword by the Institute of Politics and Public Service Executive Director Mo Elleithee, will be released. Join Ed, Celinda and Mo on Tuesday, November 29, at 5:00 PM, for a conversation about their new book and the role civility and mutual respect play in bridging our political divides. Ed Goeas (GU Politics Fall 2018 Fellow) of the Tarrance Group, and Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners have been producing the Battleground Poll for 30 years and is now housed at the Institute. The poll is considered to be of the most respected bipartisan national polls in the country.

The results of the latest Battleground Civility Poll will be released on Wednesday, November 30. The findings will be previewed during the event on November 29.

RSVP for the November 29 event with Ed Goeas, Celinda Lake and Mo Elleithee