Our Fellows Program connects students with political leaders to learn from one another and tackle some of the biggest political challenges of the day.

  • Charlotte Clymer
    Charlotte Clymer (S’ 16)

    Former Press Secretary for Rapid Response, Human Rights Campaign – Fall ’21

  • Rory Cooper photo
    Rory Cooper

    Republican Strategist; Communications Director to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) – Fall ’21

  • Robert E. Lighthizer photo
    Bob Lighthizer (C’69, L ’73)

    United States Trade Representative, Trump Administration – Fall ’21

  • Amna Nawaz photo
    Amna Nawaz

    Chief Correspondent, PBS NewsHour – Fall ’21

  • Rebecca Pearcey photo
    Rebecca Pearcey

    Political Director & Senior Advisor, Elizabeth Warren for President – Fall ’21

  • Stelter photo
    Brian Stelter

    Chief Media Correspondent and Host of “Reliable Sources,” CNN – Fall ’21