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We're giving you access. Now what are you going to do with it?

All of the discussion groups and events our Fellows participate in are open to the entire Georgetown community. Any student can come see them during office hours.

But if that’s not enough for you – if you want a chance to work with some of the top names in politics, government and media — then check out our Student Strategy Teams.

Each Fellow will be assigned a small group of students who will help them throughout the semester — researching for their discussion groups, promoting their sessions and speaking events, connecting them with other student groups and the rest of the campus community.  You’ll get one-on-one and small group time with your Fellow that no one else on campus gets.

But it goes one step further.  You’ll get a chance to advise them — on ways to better connect politics, government and media with your generation.  They are here not because they have all the answers, but because they know they don’t — and they want to lean on their Student Strategy Teams to help them figure out how to do it better.

You’ll also participate in a Political Hackathon where you and your team will identify a problem with politics, and then spend the semester coming up with a solution.  Your Fellow will help mentor you through that process, but the real goal is for your ideas to get injected into the bloodstream of our current political system — and maybe playing a small part in making it work a little better.


It’ll be intense. It’ll be fun. And you might make a difference along the way.

Applications for Fall 2017 Student Strategy Teams will launch in August of 2017.

Marlon Marshall
Robby Mulcahy, GRAD’18
Rachael Kauss, MPM/MSFS’19
Ian Harkness, COL’19
Zara Seidler, Exchange
Maria Cornell, SFS’20

Grover Norquist
Olivia Bell, MSB’19
Tyler Tate, COL’20
Caroline Willcox, COL’19
Kevin Chao, COL’18
Alex Coopersmith, COL’19

Anna Palmer
Sam Granville, COL’17
Megan Carey, MSB’20
Adam Bouyamourn, MPP’18
Ellie Goonetillake, COL’18
Ingrid Glitz de Assis, SFS’18

Jen Psaki
Julian Colombo, MPM’17
Roopa Mulpuri, SFS’18
Andrew Straky, COL’20
Noah Ramsey, COL’20
Martin Perez Baertl, SFS’20

Tony Sayegh
Jack Dobkin, SFS’19
Sophie Donnelly, COL’18
Sonali Mirpuri, COL’20
August Iorio, SFS’19
Marshall Feingold, MSB’20

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