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What is GU Politics?

Founded as part of the new McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown in 2013 and launched in the fall of 2015, the Institute of Politics and Public Service is dedicated to reconnecting young people with the notion that politics is a noble vehicle for public service.

How do we do that? By asking them how.

Based in Washington, we have access to many of the smartest and most recognizable political figures and public servants in the country. But we’re not just another place where a bunch of political veterans come to talk to or at students. This is a place where students drive the conversation. An incubator of political thought where students are connected with public servants and political practitioners to come up with the next big ideas on how to make our political system work better.

We explore issues like how we conduct our campaigns; how to promote effective leadership and more effective governance through deliberative democracy; how we communicate in a changing media landscape. We look at politics both here and abroad, what issues bind all democracies, and what lessons we all can learn.

We hope to always be a place where students are teaching as much as they are learning, where public servants walk away with more than they came in with, and where young people get excited about lives in public service.

A place where we prepare the next generation of leaders, and where they help us become better leaders ourselves.

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