Michael Steel

Former Senior Advisor, Jeb! 2016; former Press Secretary, House Speaker John Boehner; Managing Director, Hamilton Place

After nearly two decades working in journalism, on Capitol Hill and for political campaigns, Michael Steel joined Hamilton Place Strategies, where he advises a range of clients on strategic communications and public policy.  

Most recently, he was a senior policy and communications advisor for Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.  Before that, Steel was the press secretary for Speaker of the House John Boehner.  He was involved in debates over spending, taxes, health care, financial regulations, energy and national security.

During the 2012 Presidential election campaign, he served as Press Secretary to Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, and traveled with him throughout the campaign.

Prior to working for Speaker Boehner, Steel was the Communications Director for Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee (which has jurisdiction over tax, trade and health care policy) and the House Republican Policy Committee, and Press Secretary for then-Reps. Jim McCrery of Louisiana and John Shaddegg of Arizona.

He also assisted a number of political campaigns, including Governor Mitt Romney’s 2008 primary campaign and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s first senate race.

Before working on Capitol Hill, Steel was a journalist at National Journal, a leading publication covering politics and policy in Washington, DC.  He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and Columbia Journalism School.

His Discussion Group was entitled “Washington: Why It Doesn’t Work (Right Now)”


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