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#HoyasInUK, sponsored by GU Politics and the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), offered Georgetown students a chance to witness first hand the political strategy, tactics, and energy of the UK’s 2017 snap general election. Participating in this experience, students flew out of DC on Saturday, June 3rd and returned home the evening of Sunday, June 11th. #HoyasInUK spent a week in London attending meetings with candidates, campaign staffers and strategists, party leaders, and journalists. From multiple perspectives and ideologies across the spectrum, they witnessed events in the run-up to and during the June 8 vote.

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Students included: Edward Weizenegger (GRD ’18), Surya Khanna (GRD ’20), GU Politics staff member Kayla Auletto, Justice Bennett (SFS ’20), Sean Paul (GRD ’18), Tamara Evdokimova (SFS ’19), GU Politics Chief of Staff Hanna Hope, Eduardo Valencia Garcia (COL ’18), Tyler Michelletti (COL ’18), C.C. Borzilleri (COL ’19), Will Linde (SFS ’20), Megan Carey (MSB ’20)

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The Snap Election

During their trip, students spoke with politicians, campaign strategists, and journalists alike. They got a variety of views on Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister and this pivotal snap election. Following on May’s continuing if tepid negotiations with the European Union on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, every party in the British Parliament sought to capitalize and increase their share of the House of Commons.

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Looking back at their week abroad, Hoyas wrote several articles detailing their experiences and offering valuable analysis of the British political system and trends woven through the election.

Megan Carey

Will Linde

Justice Bennett

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