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2024 RNC & DNC Trips

Day 2 & 3 at the Republican National Convention!

The first half of the Republican National Convention has been a whirlwind as students get the chance to see different behind-the-scenes aspects of the convention. On Monday, we witnessed the roll call of the states in the convention hall and had the chance to volunteer with the convention, with CNN and even shadow Spring ’16 Fellow Jackie Kucinich. Yesterday, we started the day bright and early at the CNN-POLITICO Grill where we had the chance to watch This Morning with Kasie Hunt live from the studio (featuring our very own Mo Elleithee and former Fellow Mike Dubke on the panel!). We also had sit-down conversations with Reince Priebus, current chair of the host committee and Richard Walters, senior advisor for the RNC who oversees the entire convention process. The students have been bringing their questions on campaign strategy, messaging, finance, media and everything in between. We’ve concluded each evening in the convention hall, listening in on speeches from elected officials and everyday Americans and observing how each story fits in with the theme of the night. We’ve run into no shortage of former GU Politics Fellows and Hoyas, and we’re getting amped up for the second half of the convention which will feature speeches from the vice presidential and presidential candidate.

Students sitting in a stadium during a trip to the Democratic National Convention.

GU Politics 2024 RNC & DNC Convention Trips

This summer, GU Politics is taking students back to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee and the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. This is an unparalleled opportunity for students to experience the conventions behind-the-scenes, network with campaign operatives and surrogates, witness media professionals in action and gain hands-on political experience. We’ll be bringing you live updates starting next week from the RNC, so stay tuned!

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