February 22, 2017 - 6:30 PM

The Women Leading POLITICO: A New Type of Newsroom

by Shilpa Rao

GU Politics was excited to welcome President of POLITICO U.S. Poppy MacDonald, Editor of POLITICO Carrie Budoff Brown, VP of POLITICO Live Alexis Williams, VP of Audience Solutions Cally Baute, and POLITICO Playbook Co-Author and GU Politics Fellow Anna Palmer on February 22nd for a discussion about the role of women at POLITICO and in journalism. Mo Elleithee, GU Politics Executive Director, moderated the conversation. C.C. Borzilleri welcomed and introduced the panel to the large audience.

The five panelists spoke about the role of women in journalism and their own experiences as female journalists. Brown said that the field of journalism was still often male-dominated, though there are many powerful women in journalism, especially at POLITICO. Williams said that POLITICO emphasizes mentorship of its female journalists and discussed “Women Rule,” a POLITICO series which focuses on women policy leaders.

The panelists also described POLITICO’s business model and role during the current administration and “war on journalism.” Baute explained that POLITICO is based on a model of producing quality journalism while being profitable. Palmer said that journalists could combat the rise of “fake news” by adhering to journalistic standards, while Brown stressed POLITICO’s unchanging commitment to being nonpartisan, objective and independent.

They concluded by giving advice to aspiring journalists. Palmer suggested that people should “take the leap," while Baute emphasized the importance of asking questions. MacDonald stressed that novice journalists should work hard in entry-level positions and Williams recommended that they push themselves but ensure that they are comfortable with their decisions and determine what they hope to be known for.

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