September 19, 2017 - 6:30 PM

Ronna McDaniel: The Republicans’ Case to Millennials

by Christopher Mungiello

Hoyas packed the Healey Family Student Center Social Room on Tuesday, September 19th, to hear from Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and the Republicans' case to millennials. Georgetown University College Republicans' President, Alexandra Williams, introduced Chairwoman McDaniel and the event moderator, Mo Elleithee, GU Politics Executive Director.

Elleithee started off by asking Chairwoman McDaniel for her opinion on what it means to be a Republican. She replied by saying that a Republican is someone who wants to increase individual freedom and limit the size of government through tax reform and deregulation. According to the Chairwoman, this idea unites all Republicans, from those in the Midwest to those on Wall Street. T

he conversation then moved on to topics pertaining to engaging millennials with the Republican Party. Chairwoman McDaniel emphasized the importance for Republicans to actively engage members on college campuses by talking to students who have never been exposed to Republican ideas, and by listening to people who have different solutions. She then mentioned that the Republicans Party can bring in more millennials by using more social media platforms to reach out to them. Finally, she encouraged millennials to ask more questions about the type of government they want, as well as the amount of taxes that they are willing to pay. 

Other topics that Elleithee and Chairwoman McDaniel touched open included health care, student debt, deregulation, political polarization, and women's rights. After Elleithee wrapped up his questions, he opened up the discussion to student questions from the audience, which ranged from current event, such as gerrymandering and immigration, to the future of the Republican Party, like how it can seek to include more minority groups. 

Thank you to Chairwoman McDaniel, students, and members of the Georgetown community for joining us!

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