October 10, 2017 - 7:00 PM

Reporting on the Right: Young Female Voices in Conservative Media

by Stacie Hartman

On Tuesday, October 10th, GU Politics welcomed a panel of five female journalists who work in conservative media, under the branch of MediaDC, to speak to students about how they got their start in journalism. The discussion was moderated by Meredith Kirby (COL '19), co-founder of "On Set with GU Politics," who kicked off the conversation by asking each each of the panelists' paths to their careers in right-wing journalism.

Alice B. Lloyd from the Weekly Standard acknowledged that she had not picked her path--rather, she ended up in journalism in a more haphazard turn of events. Gabby Morrongiello from the Washington Examiner added to this sentiment of "falling into a career path" by advising students "not to expect to go where you expect." She then shared that she was hired for a temporary position as a 2016 Presidential Campaign reporter following Trump. This led to further opportunities at the Examinder.

Another panelist, Emily Jashinsky, also from the Washington Examiner, gave advice to aspiring opinion journalists among the student audience. She noted that opinion journalism can be a tough field to flourish in because journalists need to be be able to prove why their opinion matters. Charyssa Parent of Red Alert Politics challenged students to be on themselves just as she had when we received an offer to become a desk assistant at FOX News. Even though it was a low-paying entry-level position, she took the risk and reaped the reward of her hard work within she months when we was promoted to Assignment Editor. Closing the round of advice, Jenna Lifhits offered her story about getting into journalism by applying to a public interest fellowship.

The conversation continued as Kirby asked the panelists about specific skills they find integral to a successful start in a journalism career. Panelists emphasized the importance of being a consistent and reliably hard work, especially due to the fact that journalism centers around "beating others to information" first. Panelists also encouraged students to continue reading to learn from other successful writers, and to always go the extra mile in the work place. Journalism requires long hours, they said, but it's crucial to be willing to sacrifice personal time on occasion.

When it came to the topic of challenges or criticisms that come with being female conservatives, the panel cited critiques on their age and ideology, but noted that they never respond to critics. Overall, the panel was informative and offered budding journalists valuable insights into the world of media and journalism. Thank you to our panelists for offering your time and expertise!

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