November 16, 2017 - 7:00 PM

Political Pageturners: Author Discussion with Former Obama Speechwriter David Litt

by Sina Nemazi

On November 16th, we welcomed former speechwriter for President Obama, David Litt, for a discussion on his book, Thanks Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years, in the Baker Living Room. The discussion was moderated by GU Politics Director of Programming, Jennie Fay.

Litt gave an overview of his career steps, from interning at The Onion after graduating from Yale University, to starting political work in Ohio as a field worker, and ultimately working at the White House, where he was offered a job by one of Obama's senior advisors in 2011. This was the year when Litt had the opportunity to meet the President when the President had been recorded reading Litt's first written speech, wishing the nation a Happy Thanksgiving. Litt explained that he couldn't recall the conversation he had had with President Obama at that time--his mind went blank that moment!

Litt also shared his favorite memory from his time at the White House. He was standing with his girlfriend (now fiancée), staring at the White House as it was dressed in rainbow after the Supreme Court had passed its landmark case on gay marriage. This was a moment that made him feel like he experienced the outcome or result from outside of the White House, rather than inside the White House as part of the internal process.

Thank you, David Litt, for joining us at GU Politics!

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