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You identify the problem. You identify the solution.

At the beginning of each semester, each Fellow will sit down with the members of his/her Student Strategy Team and ask them one question:  What’s one thing you don’t like about politics?

After they’ve answered, each Team will be given one task:  Come back at the end of the semester with a fix.

The GU Politics Fellows will help mentor each Team through the process, and each Team will present their diagnosis and prescription to the other Teams at the end of the semester — and all will be published at 37th and O, the GU Politics digital publication.

Students drive the process.  You identify the problem.  You find the solution.

And when Fellows go back out into the real world of politics, who knows?  Maybe you’ve just given them a whole new perspective.


Fall 2015 Projects

Ballot Access Toolkit

Breaking through the Echo Chamber

Bringing Politics Home for Students

College Campus Organizing Model: Gun Control

The Voting Booth of the Future

Spring 2016 Projects


Engaging Latino Youth: DC Civic Engagement Program

Getting More Millennials Into the Process

Hacking the Presidential Primary: Fixing a Broken System

Millennitics: Putting Politics at the Fingertips of Millennials

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