March 28, 2017 GU Politics In The News

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Advocates State Values

by Gaia Mattiace

The next governor of Virginia must protect the state’s local values and resist President Donald Trump’s federal policies when necessary, argued Tom Perriello, a Democratic Party candidate for Virginia’s governorship Monday night.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the McCourt School of Public Policy’s Institute of Politics and Public Service in Old North last night, Perriello explained his campaign platform and the political climate.

Perriello stressed the importance of maintaining Virginia’s values in the face of the new administration.

“There rests a moral and constitutional obligation on the governor to look at the legal means available for noncompliance,” Perriello said.

Virginia is one of only two states that will hold off-year elections, taking place in 2017. Perriello, who is the former U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 5th district, is currently running a primary campaign against Democrat Ralph Northam, the lieutenant governor of Virginia.


You can read the full article here.

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