April 11, 2018 GU Politics In The News

Reince Priebus Still Riding the Trump Train After It Rolled Over Him

by Julia Arciga

This article first appeared in The Daily Beast.

Reince Priebus—nine months after he was ousted from his chief of staff role at the Trump White House—is still on message, and in denial that there is or was anything amiss at the White House.

Priebus spoke at an event hosted by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, and reflected on his time in the “chaotic” West Wing—admitting that he sometimes got “caught in the crossfire,” and was careful not to mentioning the conflicts currently raging inside the West Wing.

He did not address his own ritual humiliation during his tenure as chief of staff (culminating with one of the first firing by tweet of the administration) instead he stuck to praising the president’s style, governance and even his Twitter feed.

Read the full article here.

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