April 4, 2019 GU Politics In The News

High Intensity, High Blood Pressure: Hamburg’s Dubke Reflects on the Trump White House

by Tim O'Shei

This article first appeared in The Buffalo News.

Mike Dubke spent less than four months as President Trump’s communications director, but his quick exit did come with a benefit: He didn’t have to give away his Buffalo Bills tickets.

“I think I said to somebody on my way out the door, ‘Well at least I’ll make the Bills’ season next year,’ ” Dubke, who grew up in Hamburg, told The Buffalo News in a recent telephone interview.

The 48-year-old political communications operative is a respected figure in GOP circles, but save for his brief stint as a top aide to President Trump, has maintained a low public profile. Dubke rarely gives interviews, but agreed to speak to The News for a story on fellow Western New Yorker-turned-D.C. insider Julie Pace, who is the Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press.

“There’s a soft spot in my heart for anything to do with Western New York,” said Dubke, who expanded beyond Pace in the 35-minute conversation and reflected on his formative years in two Hamburgs, the intensity of the Trump White House, and what he feels is a permanently changed news cycle.

You can read the full article here.

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