September 11, 2017 GU Politics In The News

Even Obama was Frustrated with Press and his PR Team

by Paul Bedard

This piece first appeared in the Washington Examiner.

Most presidents, it turns out, are frustrated with their media coverage.

For President Trump, it's the big newspapers and cable TV. For former President Obama, it was columnists.

"Every president who's ever sat in the Oval Office is annoyed with the press from time to time," according to former Obama Communications Director Jen Psaki. "They all — none of them will admit this publicly — have obsessions with certain columnists."

Psaki said presidents live in a bubble disconnected with normal Americans, and for many, the media is their only connection to the outside world. But often, the stories are bad.

"Sometimes the frustrations are related to, often times they are, actual news that's happening and a frustration that news that is not going well is being covered as it's not going well," Psaki said.

Read the full article here.

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