November 7, 2017 #Clinton25 · GU Politics In The News

Bill Clinton Hits Trump, Tax Reform Plan in Georgetown Speech

by Isaiah Seibert

This article first appeared in The Hill.

In a Monday evening speech at Georgetown University marking the 25th anniversary of his securing the White House, former President Bill Clintonsaid “believe it or not, we thought it was pretty polarized” back in 1992.

“The media was less polarized and a little straighter in the nature of the coverage, but we had income inequality, we had alienation, we had unequal opportunities, and we had a lot of social division,” Clinton said.

"As we all know there's big divide again today: about the fundamental character of America,” he added. “What are our responsibilities to each other in an age of unprecedented interdependence and globalization?”

Read the full article here.


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