November 7, 2017 #Clinton25 · GU Politics In The News

Bill Clinton: ‘Ability to Bad-Mouth Somebody Else’ not “Evidence of Authenticity’

by Melissa Quinn

This article first appeared in the Washington Examiner.

Former President Bill Clinton issued a veiled criticism of President Trump on Monday, saying one’s “ability to bad-mouth” another person isn’t “evidence of authenticity.”

“I don’t believe your ability to bad-mouth somebody else is evidence of authenticity,” Clinton said during a speech Monday at Georgetown University.

Trump has been praised by his supporters for rebuffing political correctness and offering brash and blunt attacks on critics.

Clinton delivered a wide-ranging speech at an event marking the 25th anniversary of his election in 1992, during which he lamented the polarization of the country and urged Americans not to reward politicians who sow division.


Read the full article here.

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