April 9, 2019 GU Politics In The News

Battleground Poll: Booming Jobs, Economy Buoy Trump, Dems Admit ‘In Serious Jeopardy’ in 2020

by Paul Bedard

This article first appeared in the Washington Examiner

They’re not fans of his personal style, but Americans seem to like what President Trump is doing on the economy, jobs, and taxes, and if the Democrats don’t respond with a stronger program, they could be “in serious jeopardy" for the 2020 election, according to a landmark political survey.

While most 2020 polls simply pit Trump against a generic Democrat to show that he could be in trouble, the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service Battleground Poll took a broad pulse on several issues and found that the public is willing to overlook what it doesn’t like about Trump to give him some credit on issues such as the economy.

Read the full article here.

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