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You know you've always wanted backstage access...

At GU Politics, we work hard to bring the conversations happening in politics and public service from the Hill to the Hilltop. The GU Politics Forum is the exciting place where speakers come to give students a greater understanding of politics, media, and government. These events take place in the form of panels and discussions, and are open to all Georgetown students to attend. If you’ve attended our events before, then you’ve probably seen our student leaders running around and wondered, “what are they doing?”

Want to find out? Sign up for GU Politics Advance! (formerly Special Ops)

The term Advance refers to the team of folks — usually on political campaigns or presidential administrations — that oversees the logistics and operations of any high-level event. As a member of GU Politics Advance, you’ll learn what it means to make the wheels of our events turn. If you’re interested in working for a political campaign, in event management, or love nailing down details, then GU Politics Advance is the place for you!

With GU Politics Advance, you’ll have access to and be an active participant in:

  • Comprehensive training in political event management
  • Behind the scenes access at our events
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access with special guests and high-level political operatives

Please note: this is not an application but simply an interest form! Once you sign up, you’re in! We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on all the opportunities you can get involved in!

Email Zack Royster (GU Politics Office Manager) at!

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