Gabriela Barrera

SFS '19

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Gabriela Barrera is a rising sophomore at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.  Planning on majoring in International Politics, Gabriela first become interested in politics during a Hillary Clinton Presidential Rally in 2008.  From then on, she became an avid reader of political journals, interned the Texas Workforce Commission, and began planning her 2031 rise to Presidential power.  

Gabriela became involved with the Institute of Politics and Public Service in the fall of her freshman year when she served on Fellow Charlie Spies’ Student Strategy Team.  From there, she joined GU Votes and the GU Politics Mentorship Program.

Within the Georgetown community, Gabriela is an Education Cabinet member of the United Nations Association, and specializes in the research of historic U.N. policies.  She is a member of Georgetown’s Roosevelt Institute chapter, where she develops policy solutions about defense and diplomacy.  She is currently producing and hosting a Podcast with the S.F.S Centennial Program, where she moderates conversations between Deans, Professors, and Students about the next 100 years of S.F.S. academia. She hopes to use her experience at Georgetown and in GU Politics to study the necessary thresholds of security in order to foster socioeconomic development. 

In her spare time, Gabriela can be found trying to navigate her way to the top of Healy tower (“for science”), lunging at other people with swords in Bulldog Alley, or going on extensive rants about how everyone should read more fiction novels.

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