January 15, 2019 Career Series

So You Want a Job on Capitol Hill? Policy & Bill Research

Baker Living Room, GU Politics Office, Healy G-18, 6:30pm - 8:00pm


So You Want a Job on Capitol Hill? 

Do you want to work on Capitol Hill, either as an intern or post-graduation? Want a leg-up on all the other students looking to do the same thing? Join GU Politics for a three-part skills workshop to teach you the basics of every Hill job. It is not required to attend all three weeks, but each week builds upon each other for a comprehensive approach to the skills needed to work on Capitol Hill.

Week 1 – Policy and Bill Research (Tuesday, January 15th)
Learn the basics of how Hill staffers research, what your bosses will be looking for and practice policy and bill research during this interactive workshop.

Week 2 – Memo Writing (Tuesday, January 22nd)
Once you’ve learned how to research, how do you translate that information into a written document your bosses can understand and use to make policy decisions? Real world examples will be used to show the many different types of memos used on Capitol Hill.

Week 3 – Briefing Your Boss (Tuesday, January 29th)
The final week will use your verbal skills to translate your research and memo writing into briefing your boss on a given topic. Students will practice briefing a “Member of Congress” on a topic they prepare during the session.


Baker Living Room, GU Politics Office, Healy G-18


Tuesday, January 15th, 2019


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