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Free the Facts @ Georgetown

Old North 205, 5:00pm - 6:00pm


We don’t tell you what to think.
We just make sure you can.

What can I expect if I come to your event?
• A 20-minute presentation that introduces a policy problem followed by 40 minutes of student-directed, solution-focused conversation.
• Free dinner.
• A chance to get a $100 Amazon gift card.
• The opportunity to apply to be a college ambassador, a policy reformer, a summer intern, and/or a scholar (our four leadership programs, which look great on resumes!).

I’m interested. What’s the topic?
Social Security.

Yes, seriously.

Over 62 million Americans receive Social Security. It is the major source of income for most of the elderly, and in the coming decades, it’s up against some serious challenges. The task of fixing the program’s problems is poised to fall on Americans ages 18 to 35. The earlier we start, the more options you have.

How does that affect me? I’m not planning to get anything from Social Security.
Under current law, you actually will get something. It just won’t be everything you were promised. Unfortunately, the same goes for people who’ve been paying for and planning on these benefits their whole lives: people like your grandparents, your parents, and the working poor.

I didn’t know that.
See, and that’s just one fact! And it’s free … just like the Chipotle we’ll give you if you RSVP!

The Georgetown Institute for Politics and Public Service and
the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance

For more information about Free the Facts and our college tour, go to www.freefacts.org


Old North 205


Wednesday, April 18th, 2018


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