March 9, 2017 37th and O

The Conservative America

by Julián Colombo (MPM ’17)

When I arrived at the Gaylord Conference Center last week to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), I instantly discovered what the “Conservative America” was. I had been in different cities and towns across the country before and talked with hundreds of people that deeply believed in the conservative values, but I never attended a conference about them before.

After January 20th, I thought that Donald Trump was a lonely specimen in Washington, DC. Fighting against the establishment while working with the establishment, trying to change an office with more than 240 years of history. However, in the beautiful National Harbor I found that he was not alone. A whole army of conservative soldiers was there, ready to fight and win the major battle.

I heard different kind of speeches and positions. From the most unbelievable asserts made by Kellyanne Conway and her “alternative facts”, to real serious and respectable conservative positions (like those made by Gov. Scott Walker – WI); there were a wide array of politicians that had to wait 8 years to make their policies.

Being a center-leftist from Argentina, I am almost in the far-left position in the U.S. political continuum. Thus, the conception about the government the conservatives have, the use of the “freedom” and “liberty” values they make, along with their American exceptionalism idea; put me at the antipodes of their movement. However, I always believed that you have to know your adversaries; and I wondered, after the last presidential elections, why Donald Trump was elected President. So, I decided I had to attend CPAC and heard the new law and policymakers to understand them.

After this experience, I am more convinced than ever that the new government is bad, very bad. Their political and economic positions, and especially their leader, are a constant matter of concern: not only for the U.S. wellbeing, but also for countries like mine.

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