April 6, 2017 37th and O

#HoyasInGA – Day 3

by Jack Dobkin

Day 3 unfortunately brings our trip to an end, but not before another chock-full day of learning about Atlanta and following the 6th District’s race. We first headed to downtown Atlanta for a tour of the CNN Center, which houses CNN’s headquarters, as well as some of its newsrooms and broadcasting studios.



From there, we grabbed lunch at Atlanta landmark The Varsity, before going to the relatively new Center for Civil and Human Rights. The museum was an incredibly powerful and moving experience, featuring exhibits of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s personal collection, on the Civil Rights Movement, and of broader international human rights questions. I had been here once before, but the museum is so packed with amazing exhibits that I found new things and learned so much more being back again.
We then went to our last stop of the trip - the GOP Debate for the Republican candidates running in the 6th District. The debate featured the top 5 candidates according to the most recent polls, which meant that Bob Gray, Karen Handel, Judson Hill, Dan Moody, and Kurt Wilson were featured in the debate. Stylized as more of a forum, each of the candidates was asked the same questions, some from the moderators and some from the audience, one at a time.


A few interesting common themes prevailed at the debate. Aside from more typically-shared Republican views such as lowering taxes, increasing defense, and support for repealing the Affordable Care Act, many of the candidates supported less talked-about views like term limits for members of Congress. Additionally, the candidates displayed nuanced views on President Trump, who only won the usually safe 6th District by just over 1%.



The debate brought our trip to a close, and we headed back up to the Hilltop from there. Our time in Atlanta has certainly been an eye-opening experience, and gave us some great insight into these campaigns. Huge thanks go out to GU Politics, and Hanna Hope and Paul Jones for joining us on this trip! Along with the eyes of the nation, we will be closely watching how the race shakes out between now and the election on April 18th!

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