April 4, 2017 37th and O

#HoyasInGA – Day 2

by Jack Dobkin

Day 2 saw more exciting action in the 6th District, with lots of interaction with some of the leading candidates in the race! After a bite at another establishment of Southern delicacies (Chick-fil-A), and after some wardrobe malfunctions (looking at you, Katie’s broken shoe), we finally got on our way to the Sandy Springs neighborhood of Georgia where several of the candidates have offices.

Our first stop brought us to the campaign offices of State Senator Judson Hill, who is one of the leading Republicans in the race. Senator Hill has represented District 32 in the Georgia State Senate, which covers large portions of the 6th Congressional District. Senator Hill has earned the endorsements of Newt Gingrich, Marco Rubio, and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus.


Senator Hill took a few minutes off from canvassing with his family to talk to us about his campaign. We discussed the role of political outsiders in this campaign, and what that means for Senator Hill, who is one of the few candidates in the field with political experience. Senator Hill also offered some insight into his day-to-day schedule, as well as how candidates can stand out in crowded races.

From there, we hopped over to the office park next door to join in on the opening of candidate Jon Ossoff’s new campaign office in Sandy Springs. This is the Ossoff campaign’s 4th office in the District, and the opening only 17 days out from election day offered us a unique opportunity to see some ground game operations in full-swing.


Ossoff, a former legislative aide to Congressman Hank Johnson, and the owner of an investigative film company, is running as a Democrat. Ossoff has consistently polled the highest of any candidate in the crowded field, and has thus attracted national funding and attention, which he hopes translates into turning the Republican-stronghold into a potential swing in the Democrats’ favor.

A fellow Hoya, Ossoff (SFS ‘09) took some time to talk to us about his hopes for how to #FlipThe6th (as his supporters refer to his campaign), and about some concrete plans on how to do so in such a seemingly safe conservative district. Further, Ossoff offered some insights into how his Georgetown experiences and education have brought him to where he is today and have impacted his life’s trajectory and work. And, of course, we chatted about the Chimes (of which Ossoff was a member) and life on the Hilltop.


We then headed to dinner at Krog Street Market and then to an impromptu milkshake run at Cook Out before calling it a day. Check back in tomorrow for more exciting events, and make sure to check out our social media pages!

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