July 18, 2016 37th and O

#HoyasAtRNC Day One

by Charlie Kovach

Welcome to #HoyasAtRNC! After a long morning drive with many sing-alongs - and only a few teeny mishaps - we are all gathered here in Cleveland! We’re all extremely excited to see what this week will bring, especially since our first day has already included Disney songs, FroYo, fountains, and horses (see the photos for proof). To kick off coverage of this fantastic trip, here’s a little introduction to the ten Georgetown students who will be in Cleveland this week:

  1. Jessica Andino is a junior in the College majoring in Government and minoring in Sociology. She is a millennial Latina and daughter of Salvadorian immigrants who wants to learn first-hand what the Republican Party’s vision is on social issues.
  1. Gabriela Barrera is a rising sophomore in the SFS. Outside of GU Politics and the United Nations Association, she is an avid musician, writer, and fencer. Gabriela looks to study international politics and travel the world as an officer in the Foreign Service. She once owned a pet chicken, which mysteriously disappeared right before a delicious roast dinner. As a Democrat, Gabriela is interested to learn more about the Republican Party’s platform and future.
  1. Aaron Bennett is a rising sophomore studying Political Economy, Business Administration and Theology, and is super excited to experience the RNC! Outside of his involvement in GU Politics, he’s active in the Model UN community, serves on the steering committee for the 2017 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference, and always finds time for a game of FIFA.
  1. CC Borzilleri is a sophomore in the College studying History, Psychology, and Government. On campus she is involved in The Hoya, Hoyasana, and will be a member of the GU Politics Student Advisory Board in the coming year.
  1. Reed Howard is a rising senior in the SFS studying Culture and Politics with a concentration on education in the developing world. Thanks to Georgetown he has taken a class with Madeleine Albright, had lunch with Bill Clinton, introduced Carly Fiorina at a GU Politics event, and is now at the RNC. Reed hopes to see a Republican Party remodeled to be more inclusive and accepting, while staying true to the principles of limited government and individual freedom. He remains #NeverTrump and is excited to meet other Non-Trump conservatives from across the country and talk about the future of the party.
  1. Charlie Kovach is a junior in the College studying Linguistics, Chinese, and English. She loves bubble tea, vinyl records, and talking about the best state ever: Wisconsin (go Packers!). On campus Charlie is involved in GAAP and GIVES, and works in a neuroscience/cognitive linguistics lab. Charlie’s best political experiences include interning for the Speaker of the House, and meeting Tony Blair. She’s thrilled to be attending this year’s RNC with GU Politics!
  1. Connor Maytnier is a senior in the College majoring in Government and Sociology. Originally from Chicago, Connor spends most of his time watching sports, reading about politics, and tweeting. The highlight of Connor’s life was the time he hugged Rihanna, although his selfie with Jeb Bush is a close second. On campus at GU, Connor is an RA and serves as the co-chair of the 2017 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference.
  1. Richie Mullaney is a junior in the College majoring in Government and American Studies. He's thrilled to be attending his third Republican National Convention. On campus, he's involved in student government, debate, and theatre. When he's not in DC, he enjoys soaking up the sun in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida - Go Jags!
  1. Spenser Peterson is a dual degree student in the McCourt School of Public Policy and McDonough School of Business. He attended the University of Maryland for undergraduate. Prior to attending Georgetown he worked at Deloitte. Spenser once won a trip to Taiwan from the Baltimore Orioles, and he helped organize the McCourt Policy Conference.
  1. Alex Sideropoulos is a sophomore in the MSB majoring in Finance and Accounting, and minoring in History. He serves as the Director of Communications for the Georgetown University College Republicans and as a stock analyst in the natural resources sector of the Georgetown Collegiate Investors.

Thank you so much to GU Politics and Georgetown University for giving us the great opportunity to come together this week in Cleveland. Follow along with us this week at @GUPolitics on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as we experience the Republican National Convention!


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