February 17, 2017 37th and O


by Jessica Andino

During the weekend of February 3-5, 2017, I had the opportunity to attend the National Campaign Conference at the Harvard Institute of Politics. I was joined by college students from over 28 colleges across the country to create actionable plans to reconnect America. The three areas that we found crucial to improve upon were: inequality, media, and citizenship. 

I decided to tackle media because college students can set an example to others that people of different political ideologies can have respectful political discourse and find commonalities. My group decided to create a media campaign, called #ConnectUS, that would develop into a national campaign. The purpose of the campaign will be to humanize people and their friendships to demonstrate people want the common good, they just have different beliefs on how to achieve it. We hope to start the campaign at our universities, take the campaign to social media outlets, and ultimately have well-respected figures participate in the campaign. 

I am glad to have been given the opportunity to attend the National Campaign Conference with students who are passionate and driven to make politics a better place for everyone and to restore trust back to our political institutions. I returned back to Georgetown with eagerness to foster engagement and discourse on ways that students can redefine politics into a place where everyone’s voice can be heard.

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